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Take the right position with Braces and support

Taking the right position while executing an exercise is of high importance for every athlete. By taking the right position, the muscles are loaded in the right way. Especially in fitness, muscles are loaded wrong thanks to forced movements. Throwing or lifting too heavy weights from the back are often occuring causes of muscle injuries.

Protection and braces for your wrist, knee, elbow, core and fingers

Multiple braces and fitness belts by can help to keep the muscles and joints in the right place to prevent injuries. We also have multiple sleeves for the calves and arms that stimulate the blood circulation.
An injury can occur anytime, and can't always be prevented. To increase the recovery, Sportshop has multiple braces from well-known brands like MC David. Take a look at our offers for the wrist, back, ankle, knee, elbow and shoulder.

For your left and right joint

Did you know that most protection and braces are shaped anatomically? Therefore, in a lot of cases there are special left and right versions. Now you'll know for sure that the bandage or brace fits perfectly, so you can perform optimally. Are you looking for protection for your wrists, knees, elbows, core or fingers?

A safe workout starts with the right material

Of course, you want to keep the risk of injuries to a minimum. You're maximally prepared by buying the right support aand braces, but it might also benefit you to take a look at the rest of our assortment. Ensure yourself of maximum grip with firm and wear-resistant fitness shoes and buy weights and dumbbells and fitness materials of the best quality.