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Tennis can get hard sometimes. You might lose yourself completely in one of the most exciting matches you've every played. If you're focused too much on saving balls from your opponent, it might happen that you fall down and stretch a muscle, or worse. In that case, it's best to take of it as soon as possible. One smart thing to do so is to use cooling products from Our assortment contains multiple solutions. For instance a cool pack, which will help decrease the swelling and tackles the pain simultaneously. On the other hand are the gels and sprays. These help with targetting the problem directly and accurately, while also decreasing the possible long-term pain. Whichever you prefer, Sportshop got it!

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Everything you could wish for to complete your tennis collection is available at! Injured? Take a look at our injury sections and get yourself a brace or cooling spray to fasten up your recovery. Just lost a match because the sun got in your eyes? Our visors will prevent this from happening again. And if you kept the sun away, but got sweat in your eyes, you should go for a towel or headband to be fully fail-proof.