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Victor squash rackets


Victor squash rackets

With a squash racket from Victor you invest in yourself as a better player but also in a better world! The rackets are designed with the utmost elegance and sophistication, and are used by more than 200 top players worldwide. In the design and production process, the products are tested for both quality and the environmental friendliness of the materials, but this does not affect the good quality of the squash rackets!

Types of squash rackets

Victor's squash rackets can be divided into three different categories: Jet, IP and MP. The Jet series is suitable for beginners. The IP is suitable for both novice squash players and players with a lot of experience. The MP is ideally suited for experienced players who like to have control and power

Victor Jet

The Jet series is ideal for beginning all-round squash players. The racket is relatively heavy, which gives it firmness and strength. The hitting surface is also larger, so that every ball is hit in a targeted manner. However, the open neck provides balance in the centre of the racket.

Victor IP

IP stands for Infinite Power: this line has been completely developed for the experienced players. The frame supports every player: from an attacking player to a defensive player.

Victor MP

The drop-shaped rackets from the MP series are suitable for experienced players who want optimal control and power.

Victor squash balls

Victor offers the entire package for a squash player: in addition to a wide range of rackets, Victor also offers squash balls. The Victor squash balls can be divided into four different types, which we offer for a great price.