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Salming Squash rackets

The Salming squash rackets combines the best of both worlds. The combination of flexibility and power is one you have never seen before. The Salming squash rackets provide ultimate power when hitting and are comfortable in the hand. The perfect control makes it easy to place the ball and still give the right power. Salming squash rackets are suitable for both recreational and professional squash players.

Types of squash rackets

Salming has marketed several types of squash rackets. For example, we offer the Kobra 2 and Hawk. Whether you want a drop-shaped or a classic blade, you are guaranteed to find your new, favorite racket in one of these lines.

Salming Kobra 2 Racket

A very popular squash racket is the Salming Kobra 2 Racket. This racket is an all-round squash racket. Highly recommended for the recreational and professional squash player.

Salming squash shoes

In addition to squash rackets, Salming is also specialized in squash shoes. The grip and fit of the Salming squash shoes is almost unique and perfect for playing squash. Almost all squash shoes from Salming are provided with mesh materials and light fabric to keep the ventilation optimal. Due to the special lace construction, the squash shoes fit comfortably around the feet and provide you with a lot of convenience while playing your favourite game.