Dunlop squash rackets


Dunlop squash rackets

Types of squash rackets

Dunlop squash has different types of squash rackets in its range. There are models from Dunlop with a classic top. With these squash rackets there is a bridge between the blade and the shaft (where you hold the racket) and is especially suitable for the more experienced player. The player that is looking for precision and control. There are also rackets from Dunlop with a drop-shaped top. These rackets have longer strings, so you can give even more power to your strokes. Finally, we also have Dunlop hybrid squash rackets in our collection. With a small bridge and a drop-shaped blade, this type of racket is ideal for the all-round player.

Dunlop Hyper Ti 4.0

Are you going to set foot on the squash court for the first time? Then the Dunlop Hyper Ti 4.0 a perfect racket to start with. This racket is very popular and aimed at beginning squash players. This racket is available in a ONE-SIZE.

Dunlop Precision Ultimate

The Dunlop Precision Ultimateis a high quality racket. This racket is suitable for both beginners and professional players. Suitable for matches against friends or in competition.

Squash balls

Worldwide, all matches of WSF, PSA men and WISPA women are played with Dunlop squash balls. Dunlop squash is also the choice of our own Dutch Squash Association. In addition to the squash balls of different classes, the Dunlop squash rackets are available in different colors, designs and price ranges.