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Squash rackets

Brand new squash rackets

Nothing is more important than a good racket when playing squash. We offer over 70 different squash rackets from famous brands such as Dunlop,Victor and Tecnifibre. All squash rackets are equipped with a good moisture-regulating grip that ensures that your hands stay dry while playing squash. The squash rackets differ in balance, shape and size of the blade. The weight of the squash racket and the material may differ as well.

Dunlop squash rackets

Dunlop squash is by far the most famous and complete squash brand. This is also reflected in the fact that squash players using Dunlop have won more titles than players of all other brands combined! All squash rackets from Dunlop are made out of lightweight material but differ in blade, so Dunlop offers rackets for every type of player, at every level.

Junior rackets

For children we offer two types of rackets, a cheaper version: the Hybrid, and a more expensive version: the drop. The Hybrid is ideal for children to learn the game with. A hybrid squash racket can be recognized by the smaller opening in the neck and is used by all-round players. For children who are ready to take the next step, we offer the Dunlop Hyperfibre XT, this drop-shaped racket gives more power to the strokes which guarantees your attack to be successful. Because the racket itself is relatively light, you are also extra manoeuvrable! So, shop your new squash racket for children easily at sportshop.com

Rackets for beginners

For beginning squash players, Sportshop recommends opting for a squash racket with a larger blade in the shape of a drop. Due to its size and shape, the ideal hitting point of the racket is larger, with the result that you can give more power to your shot. Because of this power you can focus on hitting correctly instead of giving power. In addition, the squash rackets made of aluminium are heavier, but therefore more suitable for you as a beginner. The slightly heavier squash racket gives you more stability in your stroke.

If you already have some experience and you are ready for the next step, you can opt for a Hybrid racket: this racket has a small opening in the neck. The balance of the racket is also in the middle, making this a squash racket type for the all-round squash player!

Rackets for advanced players

Advanced squash players benefit from a lighter squash racket with a larger opening in the neck. This “closed throat” provides more control and precision in the stroke. To use this squash racket properly, technique is required because the ideal hitting point of the racket is smaller. The blade of such squash rackets is therefore smaller than the one for beginners. The weight of these rackets is also less, so you are more agile. This is partly due to the material the squash rackets are made of: graphite and composite are lighter materials. The balance of the squash racket differs. If you are an attacking player, it is better to choose a Light version: the weight is in the grip. Are you a defensive player? Then we recommend choosing a heavy racket, where the weight is in the racket head.

Squash balls that go with your racket

Now that you know with which squash racket you can go to the extreme, you can look for a suitable squash ball with which you can knock your opponent off the field!