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Singles Day on November 11

On Singles Day 2020, we have huge discounts on our collection. By using the discount code SINGLESDAY11 in the checkout, you will receive 11% discount on your order!

Besides that, we have a special collection of our own singles, waiting to come home with you!

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Celebrate the 17th edition of Singles Day

17 years ago Singles Day was first celebrated at the University of Nanking. The theory goes that this day was celebrated by the male students who were single. By creating Singles Day, the single students hoped to get a relationship this way. After a few years, the holiday was also celebrated outside the University of Nanking and has become a household name worldwide.

In addition to this theory, there is also a second theory, namely that of Mu Guang Kun and his love story. The girlfriend of this Chinese student died of a disease and on Singles Day, Mu Guang Kun commemorated his girlfriend. November 11 is therefore renamed the "Guang Gun Festival" in China and is therefore a symbol for being alone.

Treat yourself to Singles Day 2020 with cheap sports equipment

What started as a day to celebrate being alone has, to this day, grown into a holiday where you can treat yourself. Buying a gift for yourself is therefore not unusual. That is why you only score the nicest and cheapest sports gear in the very last sizes during Single Day. Think of products from New Balance, adidas, Nike and ASICS.

Sports offers during Singles Day

Of course you don't want to miss out on the nicest items. The sports offers during Singles Day can just pass by. View our sale collection and score the best items for a low price.