Trail undergarments


All the advantages of trail underwear in one overview

When you think of trail clothing, you probably think of comfortable shirts, shorts, long sleeves or tights. But do you already have trail underwear in your closet? Many people underestimate the great added value of this undergarment. You prevent the risk of chafing and irritation, your moisture transport is regulated to the maximum and you stay cool and fresh during your run. All in all, enough reasons to place your order today!

Choose from trail undergarments from Craft, ODLO and Falke, among others

Craft, ODLO and Falke have become one of the most popular brands when it comes to trail undergarments. The underwear feels like a second skin and moves with you thanks to the stretchy material. You will stay fresh and cool in summer and dry and warm in winter, as the fabric regulates your body temperature.

The advantage of arm sleeves during trail runs

During trail runs you regularly encounter runners with arm sleeves. If you wear this accessory, blood flow is stimulated and the metabolism is improved. Recovery after your run is also accelerated. Due to the tight fit, you will not experience any nuisance and you can choose from different models from brands such as Nike, Compressport and adidas.

Everything for trail runs can be ordered at the Sportshop

Have you selected your ideal trail underwear? Take a look at the rest of our collection. You may want to navigate a bit easier with a running watch, protect your feet from sharp objects with high trail socks or you are looking for a water-repellent trail jacket. In all cases you have come to the right place.