Trail shorts


Walk with maximum freedom of movement and choose trail shorts

During trail runs, you climb up and down, jump over puddles and focus on having maximum grip. Trail shorts ensure that you run with maximum freedom of movement and that you do not experience any hindrance from your running outfit. At Sportshop you can choose from different brands, including Compressport, Nike and ODLO. View our full range on this page and shop your favorite brand quickly and easily.

The advantages of walking with special trail shorts

The best trail shorts for you depend mainly on the type of landscape where you walk. If you regularly climb a hill or run in a mountain landscape, it is wise to buy shorts with silicone grip on the thighs. This grip makes it easier to push off, put your core to work and save muscle strength in your legs.

If you jump a lot over puddles, streams or stones, a trail short with inner pants is a smart choice. In addition to running with adequate coverage, you also prevent chafing and irritation during your trail run. These shorts also have light compression in many cases, so you benefit from extra support.

Important items are within reach thanks to the pockets (with zip)

Good news, most trail shorts from our collection have one or more pockets (with zip). This means you always have your gels, phone and keys within reach. Do you prefer not to store valuables in your trail shorts? Take a look at our drinking systems that offer space for your belongings.

A tight fit and high waist

Whether you are constantly climbing or if you regularly walk on flat landscapes, in all cases you focus 100% on taking the route. The tight fit and high waist ensure that your trail remains comfortable kilometer after kilometer. Also take a look at our complete collection of trail clothing and complete your outfit in a few clicks.