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Trail shirts


Trail shirts from Compressport, Nike and Falke

During your trail run you prefer to walk with minimal distraction. Trail shirts from Compressport, Nike and Falke are a smart investment. In addition to these brands, you can choose from many more brands at Sportshop that market high-quality shirts for trail runs. Curious? You can view our full range on this page.

The advantage of a trail running shirt

Many people think that a "normal" running shirt corresponds to a trail running shirt. But did you know there is a significant difference when it comes to the fit, material and finish of the design? For example, trail running shirts fit more tightly and in most cases have a (half) zipper for extra ventilation when running. The material also ensures that your moisture transport is well regulated and you stay dry and cool.

All trailrun clothing under the Sportshop trail umbrella

In our trailrun shop you can shop all trailrunclothing. Have you found your ideal trail running shirt, take a look at the rest of our collection. Think of tights, shorts, jackets and various handy trail run accessories. 

You can shop for affordable trail shoes in our sale

When you have found your ideal trail run outfit, it is time to think about your running shoes. If you have walked on unpaved paths before, you know all too well that you need special footwear for this. Special trail shoes have a studded sole for great grip and a water-repellent upper to keep mud and water out. Both brand new trail shoes and affordable trail shoes from the sale can be ordered on