Hydration systems


Get enough moisture while walking with hydration systems

During trail runs you regularly see runners with hydration systems. Not so strange at all, because these backpacks offer you many advantages. You have enough space for carrying gels, water, your phone and keys and because your backpacks are adjustable, you benefit from a perfect fit. You are hardly limited in your freedom of movement and the tubes make it easy to drink when necessary. At Sportshop you can choose from different models, including Nike, Ultimate Direction and Nathan.

Various types of drinking systems with water bags or water bottles

Most drinking systems with water compartment have a volume between two and eight liters. However, you can also choose from trail running backpacks that offer space for one or more water bottles. The best trail running backpack depends entirely on your personal preference.

The trail running backpacks are adjustable at different points

If you put on a running backpack for the first time, you will probably notice that it does not fit perfectly. Don't worry, each model is adjustable at different points. The straps, along with the stretchy (mesh) material, ensure a high wearing comfort and you will not be bothered by your trail running backpack when you walk uphill or downhill or jump over streams.

Choose trail running backpacks in different sizes

As you have read, trail running backpacks can be adjusted at different points. However, you can also choose from different sizes, so that there is a suitable size for every runner. Can you use help in choosing the right size? Our customer service will gladly help you if you contact us.