Under Armour running shoes


Under Armor

The Under Armor brand is relatively unknown compared to the major players in the running market such as Asics, Nike, Saucony and Brooks. But in America this is different. There Under Armor is the brand that makes it difficult for Nike. The Under Armor brand has grown thanks to the design and production of running clothing. Luckily for us, it didn't just stick with Under Armor running gear and now they also produce Under Armor running shoes.

Under Armor running shoes women

Under Armor running shoes for women are very light and comfortable running shoes with always a fashionable design. By using innovative technologies, the Under Armor running shoes have an unparalleled fit, so you can fully focus on running.

Under Armor running shoes men

The Under Armor running shoes for men have a seamless asymmetric compression zone that makes you jump out of the starting blocks faster than ever. The midsole of the Under Armor shoes features the Charged Cushioning technology and consists of two parts. The foam layer on top is soft and dense and the harder foam layer is more suitable for support and comfort.

Under Armor clothing

Are you a real running fan? Then having the right Under Armor running clothing is of course a must. Before you set off, good preparation is of course of the utmost importance. Not only the right warm-up and nutrition, but also wearing the right running clothes. It is not for nothing that there are so many Under Armor running clothes with a specific function. Think for example of the running pants with support, the running jackets with reflective elements and the running shirts with extra added mesh panels.