Saucony Peregrine


Saucony Peregrine trail shoes with a neutral pronation

If you walk trails regularly, you need a sturdy and stable trail shoe such as the Saucony Peregrine. The running shoe has a neutral pronation and can be recognized by the robust stud pattern on the sole. With the PWRTRAC rubber studs you can effortlessly brave wet and dry terrains and for men and women the Peregrine from Saucony has been released in different colors.

Saucony Peregrine 10 women's and men's trail shoes

The Saucony Peregrine 10 for women and Saucony Peregrine 10 for men are marketed in striking and neutral colors. The rock plate protects your feet against sharp objects such as stones and branches. If you walk through the rain or if your trail runs consist of muddy paths or rivers, the Saucony Peregrine 10 GTX offers the perfect solution. The GORE-TEX® material keeps your feet dry kilometer after kilometer and you walk with minimal distraction.

Walk with responsive cushioning and choose the Saucony Peregrine ISO

Saucony used the EVERUN top sole and PWRFOAM midsole for Peregrine ISO. This allows you to walk with responsive cushioning and the trail shoe is very flexible on the roughest terrains. The PWRTRAC sole adapts effortlessly to any type of terrain and ensures a lot of grip during your run. In addition, the ISOFIT construction ensures that the running shoes conform to the shape of your feet from the first moment.

Start prepared for every trail run

Whether you walk in the summer or winter, the necessary preparation is recommended for each trail run. Have you already thought of high running socks, a drinking belt or running backpack and running magnets for your running competitions? Therefore, take a look at the other collection of Running Course and start prepared for each trail run.