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Saucony Echelon


Saucony Echelon running shoes with a neutral pronation

If you have a neutral pronation as a runner, then the Saucony Echelon is a running shoe that perfectly matches your running style. The running shoe is best suited for runs on paved paths, is orthopedic and has a spacious fit. Your heel and midfoot are tightly enclosed so that you can make miles with a safe feeling.

Meet the Foundation Platform of Saucony Echelon 7 running shoes

Saucony used the Foundation Platform for the Echelon 7. This provides a stable and broad base and is perfect for runners who need all-round support. The EVERUN midsole assures you a lot of energy return and the running shoe forms from the first step to the shape of your feet due to the FORMFIT footbed. The Saucony Echelon 7 for men and women gives every run a resilient and lively feeling, so that you can and will continue to go!

A flexible Tri-Flex wear sole for a lot of ground contact

If you prefer a lot of ground contact during your run, you will experience a lot of walking pleasure at the Echelon of Saucony. Thanks to the flexible Tri-Flex wear sole you have good contact with the ground and a natural walking cycle is encouraged. The robust frame of the running shoe encloses your heel and midfoot, so that they are properly secured during every step.

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