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New Balance 890


New Balance 890 V7 running shoes with the Revlite cushioning technology

The New Balance 890 V7 is one of the newest running shoes from New Balance. It is a simple shoe with a neutral finish, which is combined with the new Revlite cushioning technology. The running shoe is ideal for covering long distances, because the New Balance 890 is very lightweight. Due to the cushioning technology you walk very comfortably and it gives you a confidential feeling.

New Balance 890 running shoes with a carbon rubber outsole

The sole of the New Balance 890 running shoes is simple and functional. The outsole of carbon rubber is thin and hardly wears. Thanks to the REVlite midsole, you benefit from good responsiveness and the running shoes are ideal for a daily tour of the park, for endurance running at the weekend or for running competitions.

Special names after athletes from the athletics world

Did you know that New Balance sometimes has new shoes named after athletes who have really made a name for themselves in the athletics world? The men's version of New Balance 890 is named after the British Olympian Andrew Baddeley and the women's version of New Balance 890 is named after the American Olympian Jenny Simpson.

Combine the running shoes with New Balance running clothing

Have you made a choice for one of the New Balance 890 V7 running shoes, then take a look at the range of running clothing from the brand. The clothing ensures that you walk comfortably throughout it and for every season of the year you are in the right place with us. Tip! Complete your running outfit with our range of running accessories.