Mizuno Wave Sky


Break your personal records with neutral Mizuno Wave Sky running shoes

The Mizuno Wave Sky is a fast new model with the well-known Mizuno technologies. As a result of this running shoe, the Mizuno Enigma has disappeared from the range and the Sky is its proud successor. The Wave Sky is a shoe with a neutral pronation that gives you maximum cushioning. As we know Mizuno, Cloudwave technology has also been designed to perfection with this shoe.

The innovative Cloudwave technology in the Mizuno Wave Sky 3

The Foam Wave is not equipped with a resin plate, but gives you the maximum walking comfort thanks to the two layers of midsole. You benefit from a soft and supple feeling while walking. The special thing about the Wave Sky 3 from Mizuno is that this record has been recorded in the sole for no less than three quarters. The forefoot is spared, but in the rest of the shoe the plate gives the extra cushioning that you need during your run.

Mizuno Wave Sky 2 running shoes with a soft heel landing

The Mizuno Wave Sky 2 has succeeded in making the cushioning even better than its predecessor. Thanks to the newly designed AeroHug, optimum comfort is offered and the foot is carefully held in place. With this wonderfully soft heel landing and smooth propulsion, this is a top comfort running shoe that you can take on any challenge.

Similar to the ASICS GEL-Nimbus

The Mizuno Wave Sky has the honor to be compared to the showpiece of ASICS, the GEL-Nimbus. Both offer a lot of cushioning and enclose your feet very comfortably. Also check out our collection of Mizuno running clothing with which your moisture transport is properly arranged and you walk with a lot of freedom of movement.