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Mizuno Wave Prophecy


Mizuno Wave Prophecy running shoes with a high energy return

The Mizuno Wave Prophecy is perhaps the most advanced running shoe from the Mizuno collection. The special sole not only looks futuristic, but also offers you a super high energy return. Not only the energy return is of a high level, the cushioning is also simply fantastic. The midsole and lower sole are connected by specially designed rods. Furthermore, the upper of the Mizuno Wave Prophecy is made of mesh material which ensures that your feet stay cool, dry and comfortable while walking.

The innovative Mizuno Wave technology in Mizuno Wave Prophecy running shoes

In the meantime, Mizuno running shoes are indispensable in the running world. The iconic midsole is made in a wavy motion. This movement provides pleasant cushioning and gives you a stable feeling while walking. The Wave plate is a whole, which makes the complete process run smoothly. If we go even deeper into the pronation, Mizuno has also adjusted the bottom of the sole accordingly. The special structure ensures that you always maintain optimum contact with the ground in order to progress even more carefully step by step.

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 8 running shoes with an anatomical design

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 8 running shoes are anatomically designed and deliver a unique performance. The Infinity Wave technology provides superior cushioning and the seamless upper prevents blisters and irritations during your run. To keep the shock spread as optimally as possible, the Infinity Wave plate is positioned over the entire length of the running shoe.

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 9 running shoes with the Infinity Wave technology

Infinity Wave technology has been used for the Wave Prophecy 9 from Mizuno. This ensures that shocks are absorbed well with every landing and the insole ensures maximum cushioning. The high durability and unparalleled support are due to the SmoothRide technology.

Take your running comfort to a higher level with matching Mizuno running clothes

The Mizuno Wave Prophecy lends itself well to walking long distances. If you go for an endurance run or a shorter run of 10K, then it is good to immediately invest in high-quality Mizuno running clothing. The clothing has a high breathability, controls your moisture transport and feels great. This, together with a set of seamless running socks, will get you ready for your next run!