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Mizuno Wave Hayate running shoes with a neutral settlement

if you run trails regularly, than you prefer a firm and robust running shoe like the Mizuno Wave Hayate. The trailshoe is light weight and offers enough grip thanks to the agressive wear-sole. For both men and women you can choose from the Mizuno Wave Hayate 5 and the Mizuno Wave Hayate 4 in multiple colors.

Mizuno Wave Hayate running shoes with a sole of Michelin rubber

For the sole of the Wave Hayate, Mizuno started a cooperation with the tire-brand Michelin. Now you can trust a sole with maximum grip on both wet and dry terrains. Water, sand and dirt don't stand a chance and the innovative ESS Rock Plate protects your feet from stones and other sharp objects. Let those challenging trails come!

Mizuno Wave Hayate 5 trailshoes for men and women

The Mizuno Wave Hayate 5 is the newest edition and lets you shin on the trails! The trail shoe has a renewed mesh upper and the Dynamotion Fit-technology shapes the shoe to your feet from day onje. This personal fit makes the shoes enclose your feet tight and comfortably and every step is cushioned optimally thanks to the iconic Wave-midsole.

Sportshop prepares you for every trailrun!

You might've just started training for a trailrun or you're just starting and thus looking for your very first equipment. In both cases, gets you ready for every trailrun. Notice for instance that there aren't any drinking posts alongside the trails so you have to bring your own bottle with moisture. For extra energy, we offer gels as a nice solution. For bad weather, you can choose between different kinds of running lighting as well.