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Mizuno running shoes are designed for any running style

Whether you're a neutral runner or overpronating, Mizuno running shoes are designed for any running style. Choose for instance the Wave Ultima, Wave Rider or the Wave Sky. The running shoes shape to your feet from day one, cushion every step you take and return maximal energy. Will you soon train on a brand-new pair of Mizuno running shoes?

Neutral Mizuno running shoes

If your feet settle naturally, you'll benefit from neutral Mizuno running shoes. With this running style, you land at the middle or outside of the heel and your feet settle at the middle of the forefoot. You also take off with the middle of the forefoot. Instances of neutral Mizuno running shoes are the Wave Horizon, Wave Rider, Wave Sky and the Wave Ultima.

Supporting Mizuno running shoes with an overpronating settlement

It could also be that your feet tilt inwards at landing or take-off. This puts more weight on the inside of your feet and makes you run with icnreased load. Injuries can occur faster and there's a big chance that you'll suffer from pain quicker during your training or match. To prevent this, Mizuno overpronation running shoes offer a nice solution. The Wave Inspire and Wave Paradox correct every step you take and support where necessary.

Combine the running shoes with Mizuno running clothing

To match your running shoes with your running clothing, Mizuno running clothing is a must-have for your running wardrobe. The brand has released a collection that suits every season of the year and you can choose from multiple shorts, shirts, longsleeves, jackets and pants.