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HOKA ONE ONE Gaviota running shoes for the overpronators 

If your foot rolls strongly from the outside to the inside you have an overpronating foot and need a running shoe such as the HOKA ONE ONE Gaviota. This running shoe is a great stability shoe and your feet will stay in the right place during every run. Your feet are guided and supported to the maximum, without being bothered by stiff materials. The running shoe is suitable for runs on paved paths and absorbs well any shock during descent or during straight paths.

Meet the J-Frame of the HOKA Gaviota 2

You want to minimize the impact on your joints and thereby prevent the risk of injury. HOKA used the J-Frame for the Gaviota 2 there. This frame runs from the inside of your feet to the heel to the outside of the running shoe. As a result, an antipronation block is not necessary and a smooth pronation is encouraged.

Benefit from maximum cushioning with the thick sole

The thick sole of the HOKA Gaviota stands out immediately. You walk with a lot of cushioning and your joints are relieved and shocks are divided over your feet with every step. This makes the shoe a great solution for the heavier runners. The Arch-Lock Wings system supports your midfoot and you want to keep going step by step.

Combine the running shoes with comfortable running socks and running clothes

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