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HOKA running shoes


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  1. Ground type: Race
  2. Price: €119.00 - €150.00

HOKA ONE ONE running shoes with maximum cushioning

Whether you have just started running or have been doing this for some time, for beginners and experienced runners, HOKA ONE ONE running shoes are the ideal training partner. You recognize the shoes by the striking sole, which gives you many kilometres of cushioning. Do you walk in the park a few times a week, do you train for a half marathon or perhaps a whole one? The running shoes from HOKA are extremely suitable in all cases.

The "rocking chair effect" due to the Meta-Rocker technology from HOKA

Almost every shoe from HOKA is equipped with the Meta-Rocker technology. And that is not just like that. It may take some time getting used to it in the beginning, but this technology ensures a lot of walking comfort. With the "rocking chair effect" you want to keep going! This effect pushes you forward, which promotes your walking efficiency and helps you to pronate your feet well.

Stable, neutral and trail running shoes

What do you find important about a shoe? Do you prefer the stable Ahari, the neutral Clifton or the Speedgoat that has been specially designed for trails? Whatever your wishes are, there is more than enough choice for both men and women. The running shoes from HOKA can take a beating, are durable and give you a lot of pleasure, kilometre after kilometre.

Innovative technologies are central

Making running easier is always central at HOKA. This is also clearly reflected in the innovative technologies that are being applied. In addition to the Meta-Rocker technology, the midsole is also considered. This offers you maximum cushioning, so that your ankles and knees are spared as much as possible. Choose for HOKA antipronation shoes, then the J-Frame will be processed on the inside. This frame supports your heel and feet.

Combine the running shoes with running clothes and running socks

After you have made a choice for one of the running shoes from HOKA, it is certainly good to take a look at the other range. Combine the running shoes with running clothes and running socks, so you only have to focus on setting a personal record.