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Brooks running shoes


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Brooks running shoes with a neutral pronation and overpronation

Whether you have a neutral pronation or an overpronation, there are a pair of suitable Brooks running shoes for your running style. Choose, for example, for the stable Brooks Adrenaline, the smooth Brooks Launch or take the most challenging trials with the Brooks Cascadia. You walk with a pleasant cushioning and the running shoes adapt to the shape of your feet as from the first step.

Walk with maximum ground contact with Brooks running shoes

If you like to walk with maximum ground contact, then Brooks running shoes are your ideal training partner. The men's running shoes have a wider fit than the women's running shoes, simply because male runners generally have wider feet. Because Brooks knows better than anyone that every foot still varies, a number of shoe models have been released in a Narrow, Wide and a normal fit.

Choose from different colors

The running shoes from Brooks are known for their striking and colorful designs. That is why you order striking prints in addition to neutral colors. Do you prefer a colorful or neutral design? In all cases you are assured of maximum cushioning during your run and the seamless design prevents friction and irritation. The optimum cushioning is due to the Brooks DNA; a unique and innovative cushioning system. Because Brooks running shoes adapt directly to your weight, your cushioning is personalized with the running shoes from the first moment you walk.

Which Brooks running shoes do you go for?

The Brooks Transcend, Brooks Addiction, Brooks Adrenaline and Brooks Glycerin are just a few examples of running shoes you order at To make your run even more comfortable, it is wise to immediately invest in good running clothes and seamless running socks. This way you are optimally prepared for your next run!