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Great propulsion in the athletics track with the durable spike plate of the Brooks Mach

The Brooks Mach is designed for runs on the athletics track and is therefore provided with a durable spike plate. This plate provides the necessary stiffness and helps you to propulse better on the soft track. Due to the aggressive stud pattern you walk with more traction and with a weight of 128 g (men and women), this track shoe is extremely lightweight.

The Brooks Mach 19 has been released in striking colors

Most track shoes can be recognized by the striking and colorful designs. The Brooks Mach 19 also fits in perfectly with this. Both the Brooks Mach 19 for men and the Brooks Mach 19 for women have been released in striking colors. The spikes of the track shoe have a length of six millimeters.

Improve your running performance on the track

If you regularly run on the athletics track, you know better than anyone how important a comfortable running outfit is. After all, you want to walk with minimal distraction, run faster or train correctly for longer distances. Therefore, take a look at the Brooks running clothing collection and seamless running socks and ensure that you have high-breathability equipment.

Keep track of your distances with a Polar or Garmin running watch

Whether you run interval training or go for an endurance run, every training is worth keeping up with. If you prefer to leave your smartphone with smartphone bracelet at home, consider switching to a Polar or Garmin running watch. In addition to being able to measure your distances, you can also measure swim training and cycling training with a running watch.