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ASICS running shoes with a neutral pronation and overpronation 

By wearing the right running shoes you improve your performance and prevent injuries in the long term. That is why the brand designs, refines and develops the iconic running shoes at the ASICS Institute of Sport and Science in Kobe, Japan. The latest shoes are just one step further than its predecessors.

Your feet are central to ASICS running shoes

During the design process of ASICS running shoes, the way of pronation is always the starting point. As a result, the brand has subdivided the collections into the Further, Faster and Beyond categories.

Further: Do you walk long distances and are you looking for cushioning and resilient shoes for maximum energy return? Then shoes such as the GEL-CUMULUS, the GEL-NIMBUS and the GEL-KAYANO are an excellent choice.

Faster: Is your heart beating faster from setting new records and are you therefore regularly competing? In that case you need a competition shoe such as the GEL-DS Trainer, the DYNAFLYTE or the ROADHAWK ™

Beyond: Do you walk on the roughest trails and do you enjoy every challenge in the open air? The robust GEL-FUJITRABUCO is your ideal training partner in that case.

Neutral and overpronation running shoes

The unique GEL™ unit in the sole provides optimum shock absorption, making you walk very comfortable and every shock is optimally absorbed and divided over the shoe. You choose from different models with a neutral and overpronation and thanks to a wide range of colors, there is a suitable running shoe for your taste too. Do you go for a striking or a basic variant?

You can shop a complete ASICS running outfit here

In addition to having a choice of different running shoes, we have included many more ASICS products in our range. Think of running socks, running clothing and running accessories for every season of the year.