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Running shorts


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  1. Gender: Men
  2. Color: Blue

Running shorts with and without inner shorts

If the temperatures rise, you will change your winter running pants for one of our comfortable running shorts. You choose from different models with and without inner pants and a number of running shorts have a handy pocket with zipper. This way you always have your bicycle key or house key within reach and you only have to focus on walking the 5K, 8K, 10K or further!

Choose from running shorts in different lengths

A major advantage of our running shorts is that they are available in various lengths. Are you going for loose-fitting shorts just above the knee, summer shorts with high-cut sides, shorts for competitions or tights that comfortably enclose your thighs? Whatever you are looking for, matching shorts from ASICS, Craft, Mizuno and Odlo are always available.

A perfect fit thanks to the elastic waistband

Of course you don't want your running shorts to fall or slide during your run. That is why the shorts are fitted with a comfortable elastic waistband. You walk with a perfect fit and the moisture-regulating fabric optimally wicks away moisture during your training or competition. Do you go for shorts in a striking or neutral color?

Make your running gear complete with our range of running accessories

If you run several times a week and you are going to run longer distances, then it is certainly good to invest in the right running accessories. Take extra water with you in one of our hip bags, be more visible in inclement weather with running lights and choose handy elastic laces for your running shoes. This allows you to start your run comfortably and with the best preparation.