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Head cover


Running headwear for Muslim runners

If you wear a headscarf on a daily basis and you also want to exercise with adequate coverage while walking, then your headwear should not be missing in your wardrobe. Because of the special material you know for sure that the sport hijab has a high breathability and that the moisture transfer is well regulated. You stay cool and dry and start every run comfortably and you are sure that you will not compromise on your freedom of movement.

Running head cover with a handy non-slip edge

In addition to the running head cover being sufficiently covered and keeping your head dry and cool, the models also feature a handy anti-slip edge. This ensures that the sports headscarf will remain in the right place throughout your run and you don't have to stop to cover your hair again. The sport hijabs are opaque, feel soft and are available in different colors and designs.

Combine a running headscarf with comfortable running clothes

Have you made a choice for one of the sport hijabs, then also take a look at the comfortable running clothing from, for example, Nike, ASICS, ODLO or New Balance. With the running clothes of these brands you know for sure that the moisture transfer of your body is well regulated and that you walk comfortably kilometer after kilometer. From running lung sleeves to running tights and from running shirts to running jackets, you order it all at Sportshop!

Complete your running outfit with running accessories

Are you walking on the right running shoes, is your running hijab ready and does your wardrobe have comfortable running clothes? In that case, take a look at our collection of running accessories. There is more than enough choice for both recreational and professional runners and suitable running accessories can be ordered for every season of the year.