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Running backpacks

Running backpacks for trail running and endurance runs over asphalted tracks

During an endurance run, running backpacks offer a nice solution. Whether you're running trail, training for an ultra marathon or running longer distances, important items are always within reach with a running backpack. The running backpacks are light weight, fit perfectly thanks to the adjustable hipbelt and shoulder straps and you can choose from multiple models from brands like ASICS, Nathan, Nike and Ultimate Direction.

Running backpacks with a volume of 2, 4 and 7 liter

Do you need extra moisture during your run, than a running backpack with waterbag is unmissable. Choose for instance for a model with a volume of 2, 4 or even 7 liter. Drinking is done easily with the intended closable straws. Besides the models with water bags, there are also running backpacks with special compartments for water bottles.

Quick and easy access to your gels

If you like to take in gels during your endurance run, you would want quick access to them. The small pockets with zipper make sure that your gels stay in the right place, and because they have been strategically placed at your chest, you can grab a gel within seconds. Your carbonhydrates are re-filled in no-time, so you can run extra miles with new energy.

Start your endurance run prepared with the right running accessories

Running backpacks are an important part of your running gear during an endurance run. However we know, just like you, that a good preparation goes a lot further. Stimulate the blood flow in your legs with compression socks, promote the recovery with foam rollers and start your match comfortably with running magnets. It's up to you to build your condition, get your muscles used to the distance and to, at least as important, build up the miles step-wise.