Shoefresh Running accessories


Running accessories

Besides your running shoes and clothes there are a lot more items a runner needs to have during a run.

Running Bracelets

A running bracelet is actually indispensable. The touchscreen of your phone is easy to use and you can easily use all the buttons on your phone. Do you like to go running with some music, do you always want to be available for that one call and do you register all your running performances? With a running bracelet from a well-known brand, your phone is always within reach.


You can wear a FlipBelt in any striking color you want. Do you want to be able to access your phone, energy bars or other important things quickly and easily? Then you wear the FlipBelt with the openings to the outside. Do you really not want to lose items? Then you turn the FipBelt and the openings are against your body.

Sports nutrition

The right running shoes, running clothing and training are of course of the utmost importance for runners. But we must not forget that watching your diet is just as important. You train hard and demand a lot from your body, but you should also think about giving your body something in return. Before you start adding sports nutrition to what you normally eat and drink, it is important to study it thoroughly. There are many different types of sports nutrition. The diet that you have to take for endurance sports is completely different from that for strength training. Our advice, always thoroughly consider what kind of sports nutrition you need and make sure that your basic nutrition is always in order.