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Ritual Specialist 95

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Ritual Specialist 95
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All about this product

All about the Ritual Specialist 95

The Ritual Specialist collection has a very late opening credits and is therefore very popular with all corner specialists and 3D artists.
Specialist is a specially developed drag flick stick. You will immediately notice the groove made in the lower shaft. It is designed to find the ball, control it, and guide it through the entire flapping action. The Ritual Specialist 95 is one of the best drag flick sticks out there. It is made from imported Kevlar, fiberglass and 95% first class Japanese carbon fiber, with a very late leader. The club is thinner for better accuracy and 3D control. If you're looking for an elite drag-flick stick, this is the stick.
The EVA foam coating increases cushioning and comfort, while the Super Soft Grip provides additional traction.

Features and benefits:
- Weight: 520 g
- Balance point: 400 mm
- Leader: 24 mm measured at 220 mm from the club
- Roughened surface
- AntiShock EVA foam
- Material: 95% carbon, 5% kevlar
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Ritual Specialist 95
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