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Wilson Padel Rackets


Wilson Padel Rackets

Wilson has been a well-known brand in the world of tennis for years. Some time ago, Wilson teamed up with star padel player Fernando Belasteguin to develop a line of padel rackets, with success. The rackets can be divided over several lines. These lines focus on the amount of power and comfort a racket offers. The level for which the racket is suitable is indicated by Team (beginner to some experience), Elite (average), Tour (experienced) and Junior.

Pro Staff

The Pro Staff line offers optimal precision and control on the padel court. The hitting surface is very strong but slightly smaller than other racket heads. As a result, if you hit the ball correctly, you hit it perfectly and can place it exactly where you want it.


The Blade line focuses on optimal feeling and an effective mix of power and control in your strokes. The Blade rackets have a drop-shaped racket head, making the sweet spot slightly higher than with a round top. This series is very suitable for all-round players who can defend tactically and attack powerfully as the racket offers both power and control.


This line has a strong construction with a unique texture that allows you to give the ball effect. The Bela rackets provide a high-quality mix of power and control to give everything on the court. The rackets have a diamond-shaped racket head so that the balance point is high in the racket. This allows you to make a good swing to generate a lot of power in your stroke.

Carbon Force

A very durable line, that's the Carbon Force line. This series aims to make reliable and durable padel rackets that give the player what he wants. The rackets are drop-shaped so that the sweet spot is slightly higher and you have a combination of power and control.


The Ultra series focus on strength and are very suitable for attacking players. The diamond-shaped racket head with a higher sweet spot ensures that you can generate a lot of power in your stroke. In addition, this line is equipped with an Infinity Edge, which maximizes the sweet spot.