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Tecnifibre Padel Rackets


Technifibre Padel Rackets

Tecnifibre is a French brand that focuses on racket sports: tennis, squash and padel. In the field of padel, the brand has two types of rackets: the Wall Breaker and the Wall Master. With the development of these rackets, Tecnifibre focused on one of the most important elements of padel: playing via the wall. These rackets are special in that.

Wall Master

The Wall Master are round rackets with an average weight. This makes this racket ideal for padel players with experience. The sweet spot is relatively large, so you can hit the ball harder and more precisely.

Wall Breaker

The Wall Breaker are diamond-shaped rackets so that the balance point is high. As a result, you can give a lot of power to the ball, because the sweet spot is high so you can make a bigger swing before you hit the ball. This racket is suitable for more experienced padel players.