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Starvie Padel Rackets

Starvie has been active in the padel market since 2013. Like the sport itself, Starvie has grown from Spain over the past ten years. All rackets are made by hand so that quality can be guaranteed. Starvie has developed five different lines for the different levels. So there will always be a racket for you.

Discover Line

This group has a round racket head so that the optimal aiming point is in the middle of the racket. The rubber used is a bit softer so that you have longer ball contact and can thus give more power to the ball. An example of a racket from this series is the Sentinel.

Star Line

If you have padel experience and want to be able to give more precision and power to the ball when you hit it, then the rackets from the Star Line are suitable for you. Thanks to the new technology in the rubber, this drop-shaped racket line has a larger sweet spot. Examples of rackets from this line are the Aquila and Titania.

Universe Line

The Universe line brings perfect balance and control over the ball. These racket heads are made of soft rubber, which gives you more time to control the ball. The racket blades are reinforced by the carbon so that you also have a lot of power. An example from this racket line is the Alumiunium.

Premium Line

The Premium Line offers a lot of power thanks to the drop-shaped rackets. In addition, Starvie is the only manufacturer that applies a rougher layer from the start, so you can give desired effects to the ball. Examples of rackets from this line are the Tritón, Basalto Gravity and Metheora Warrior.

Junior Line

The Junior line is designed in such a way that children can learn to padel in a fun way. These rackets are lighter, which makes padel comfortable and manageable. The rackets have a round racket head which makes it easy to hit the ball well.