Head Padel Rackets


Head Padel Racket

HEAD is an established brand in the world of Padel. HEAD itself also focuses on padel, and that is reflected in the rackets, balls and bags. The HEAD padel racket collection is extremely varied and offers a suitable racket for every type of padel player. HEAD divides the rackets into four series: Team, Performance, Pro Excellence and Junior. The most sold padel rackets from Head are the Evo Delta, Flash, both from the Team line, and the Graphene 360.

Team Serie

The Evo Delta is a racket that will make you fall in love with the sport. This racket for beginners has a large sweet spot and is very comfortable due to the rubber. The sweet spot ensures that you can hit the ball perfectly, with an ultimate balance between power and precision. The racket is also very strong due to the carbon frame. The Flash resembles this but is lighter in weight so you can maneuver better.

Performance Serie

The Performance series mainly consists of the Graphene Touch rackets. These rackets are drop-shaped so that you experience a balance between power and control. In addition, the Graphene Touch technology ensures that the racket is very comfortable and feels nice.

Pro Excellence Serie

The Pro Excellence Series are diamond-shaped rackets, which give you a lot of power to hit the ball hard. The 360+ rackets in this series ensure that you can give a lot of spin to the racket, while the Graphene technology ensures a good ball feeling.