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Bullpadel Rackets

Bullpadel designs padel rackets for every kind of padel player. Whether you are a beginner, experienced and mainly defensive or beat your opponents with your sharp strokes: Bullpadel has the racket for you. Bullpadel distinguishes between different lines that meet everyone's wishes. Each line uses the most appropriate technology to meet those needs so that it feels like a racket that has been personally designed for you


The Proline contains the Hack and Vertex (control) rackets. These relatively heavy and diamond-shaped rackets are ideal for the experts in the padel field. With this racket you have a high balance point so you can give a lot of power to the ball.


The avantline is aimed at experienced and intensive players who give their all when they are on the court. The materials used in these rackets are tailored to this. The rackets in the avantline can be recognized by the word Avant in the name, such as the K3 Avant, Vertex Avant and Wing Avant. The difference between the rackets within the avantline is the shape of the racket head. The Vertex is diamond-shaped so you can give a lot of power to the ball. The Wing Avant has a medium balance and is drop-shaped so that you experience both power and control. The K3 is round, giving you more effect and control over the ball.


In the midline are the Flow Light, BP10 EVO and the K2 power. This line is designed for medium and advanced padel players.


The junior line contains the Hack, Vertex and Funny rackets. The Hack is also diamond-shaped here, only it is lighter than the adult version. The Vertex is also diamond-shaped in the junior version and adapted to juniors who are already advanced. The Funny version is also diamond-shaped and aimed at junior players with some experience.