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Babolat Padel Rackets


Babolat Padel Rackets

Babolat has been on the padel market since 2010, but has specialized in racket sports since 1875. Babolat designs the rackets based on their own experiences, research in collaboration with universities and by looking at and collaborating with stars in the game. For materials, they look to experts in certain areas: for example, they work together with Michelin, which specializes in ground contact, for the outsole of the shoes.

Babolat has several racket names that appear in different material lines. These material lines are the Carbon Series and Game Series. The main noticeable difference is that the padel rackets with carbon are heavier in weight, more durable and more easily generate more speed. In addition, the Carbon Series are equipped with a special technology to generate spin in the shot more easily. Below the two best-selling racket names are explained as they are in the Game Series, so without carbon.

Game Defiance

The Game Defiance is for the beginner to experienced padel player who plays to win. With the Defiance you can easily hit the ball in a way that gives you a lot of precision in your stroke.

Game Viper

The Game Viper has a diamond shape which makes the sweet spot higher. The result is that you can easily give a lot of power to the ball. This does require some hitting technique from the padel player.

Other Rackets of Babolat

Babolat also has junior rackets, lightweight senior rackets and rackets with an oversized racket head. The kids version of the Babolat padel rackets are slightly smaller and lighter for ease of handling. The lightweight senior rackets also increase maneuverability. Finally, the over-sized racket ensures that you can easily hit the ball and create a ball feeling.