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adidas Padel Rackets

adidas Padel Rackets

Adidas is one of the larger padel brands, even before padel became a trend in the Netherlands, adidas already produced padel products. Adidas is known in the padel world for its varied racket collection, which means there is a racket for every type of padel player. Popular rackets from adidas are the V7, the Adipower and the Carbon Control.


The V7 comes from the advanced collection of adidas. This collection is designed for experienced padel players. You notice this in the teardrop-shaped racket head, the heavier weight and the balance of power and control.


The Adipower Control is a racket for average players who want to improve. This racket offers room for improvement and grows with your skills. The racket has a larger sweet spot because of its round shape, while the weight and material ensure that you can also give a lot of power.

Carbon Control

The Carbon Control is also suitable for intermediate players who want to improve. The difference with the Adipower, however, is the material used. The Carbon Control is designed to have a lot of precision in your strokes. In addition, the racket is equipped with spin technology. A disadvantage of the carbon control compared to the adipower is that it is more difficult to apply a lot of power.

adidas Padel Kids

In addition to the above padel rackets for adults, adidas also has rackets for the junior padel player. These padel rackets for children are lighter in weight, have a larger sweet spot and are equipped with special rubber so that the racket plays comfortably.