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Padel Sweaters

Padel Sweaters

Comfort and warmth, that is what you are looking for in a padel sweater and that is exactly what we select our sweaters for. At Sportshop we have a wide range of sweaters from different brands such as Nike, Bidi Badu, Lacoste, Only Play and Under Armor. The sweaters are available in different designs, sizes and colors. The sweaters are often shown as men's or women's sweaters, this only refers to the fit: the men's sweaters are slightly larger and wider.

Padel Sweaters for Men

The men's sweaters are a bit wider, but are just as soft as the women's version. The sweaters are ideal to wear during your warm up or in your spare time. One of the best-selling sweaters is the Nike Sportswear Essential Crew. This sweater has a sporty look, is great because of the soft materials and also offers you freedom of movement.

Padel Sweaters for Women

The main difference between men's sweaters and women's sweaters is the fit. Women's sweaters are often fitted, but just as soft and comfortable as men's sweaters. This is why, just like with men, the Nike Sportswear sweater is a favorite.

Padel Sweaters for Kids

Of course, children can also enjoy the comfort that sweaters offer. Junior sweater variants are often made of the larger brands, such as Nike, Babolat and Under Armor.

Padel Outfit

If you are also looking for warm training pants, then you've come to the right place at Sportshop. In addition to comfort in your tops and pants, it is also important to have comfortable socks that support you during your padel game.