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Padel Shorts

Padel Shorts

At Sportshop.com we like to have the choice of brands, colors and fits that we wear, which is why we also offer you plenty of choices in our wide collection. We offer shorts from major brands such as adidas, Head, Nike and many others. These brands are all at home in the sports world and know what you want from training pants: comfort and style.

Padel Shorts for Men

The padel shorts for men are comfortable and available in different lengths, these are usually indicated in inches. The shorts are made of high-quality materials that dry quickly, wick away sweat and ventilate well. There is a choice of many different colors, brands and thus the length. This way you can choose the shorts that you feel comfortable in.

Padel Shorts for Women

The padel shorts for women are available in many colors and various brands. This makes it very easy to score a completely matching outfit. The shorts usually have a wider fit with compression shorts underneath. This allows you to move freely while enjoying optimal comfort.

Padel Clothing at Sportshop

At Sportshop we have a wide range of clothing. You can order padel shorts from us, as well as socks, sweaters and sports bras. If you are looking for long pants instead of shorts, take a look at our padel training pants.