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Padel Shirts

Padel Shirts

Our collection of padel shirts consists of the well-known padel brands such as ASICS, Babolat, Nike and Head and many other good quality brands. These brands all pay attention to the user-friendliness of the clothing. They do this by looking for the perfect fit and the right materials that dry quickly, remove moisture and ventilate. Due to the combination of the fit and the materials, you will notice that you are wearing a good shirt and you can give everything on the padel court! In the collection on Sportshop.com you can find any fit, size and color you want. Complete your outfit with matching shorts or socks and you are completely ready for the most heated games of padel!

Padel Shirts for Women

The padel shirts for women are specially developed shirts where extra attention has been paid to the fit so that the shirt offers you the freedom of movement you want. The right shirt ensures that your sports performance will improve. The shirts are, just like with men, provided with sweat-wicking materials. Nothing is more annoying than a sweaty shirt while playing padel. The shirts are available in different colors, making them easy to match with a skort or your padel shoes.

Padel Shirts for Men

The padel shirts for men have the right fit. The shirts are very comfortable and offer a lot of freedom of movement. In addition, the materials wick away sweat and warm air, so you can keep going. All these features ensure that you can perform optimally during a match of padel.

Large collection of padel clothing

In our collection you can also shop other clothing articles in addition to padel shirts. We have padel shorts, padel socks, padel sweaters, padel training suits and much more. Match different items of clothing and complete your outfit!