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For some people an indispensable item in the sports bag: a towel. Whether you use the towel to wipe off sweat between sets or because you like to shower at the club after a match: in both cases a towel is very handy to have with you. We have different towels in our range: large, small and different colors.

Popular Towels

The most popular towel in our range is the Nike Fundamental Towel. This soft towel looks sporty due to the simple design with finishing of the Nike logo.

Also indispensable

During and after exercise it is also super important to stay well hydrated, so always carry water with you. In our range we also have a very wide choice of water bottles in different sizes to always have the desired amount of water with you.

It also happens that when you shower at the club, you do not feel like putting on shoes. Slides or flip-flops are nice to wear, both during and after a shower. Take a look at our extensive range of sports slides.