Slides & Sandals


Slides and Sandals

At we have several sports accessories that by no means all relate to the sport itself. We also have products that you can use prior to exercise such as nutrition, but also articles that are ideal for after exercise such as towels, warm sweaters and slippers!

Whether you like taking a shower after the game or just want to get out of your sneakers, slides or flip flops are an asset in your sports bag. We have slides from different brands such as adidas, Nike and Hummel. These sports slides have more grip, a super soft footbed and a nice wide strap.

Most Popular Slide

By far the most popular slide is the Adilette from adidas. This slide is worn by many people both at sports clubs and in leisure time, and we understand that well: this slide fits wonderfully! The Adilette's footbed is very comfortable and made of high-quality materials that last a long time. The Adilette is available in various colors and designs. The Adilettes are also always finished with an adidas logo.