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Head Covers

Head Covers

At Sportshop we offer different types of headgear for during sports. We have caps and visors to keep the sun out of your face, but also hats to keep you warm in the winter. The products are from various top brands such as ASICS Nike, and Wilson.


Nothing is more annoying than the sun that obscures your view when you are exercising. Whether it is the bright summer sun or the low-hanging evening sun: your view will be taken away. This is very easy to prevent by wearing a padel cap. Our caps come from different brands such as adidas, Nike, ASICS, Babolat and Wilson, so you can choose the cap that suits your outfit. Most caps have a sweatband on the inside or are made of sweat-wicking material.


The visor is now indispensable on the padel court. This classic yet hip accessory keeps the sun out of your eyes without covering the top of your head. This open part keeps you cool and ensures that your hair can be kept in a bun or tail. This way your neck also gets some fresh air during the game. We have visors of different brands and in different colors, so there is always a visor that meets your needs.


As a real fanatic padel player you can also be found on the padel court in the winter. The cold air and temperature can ensure that you keep your head a little too cool, the solution are our sporty hats. With one of our hats on your head you can focus on the game!

In addition to hats, we also have gloves for the cold and protection! This also contributes to the comfort.