Padel Grips

A good grip is very important to have while playing padel. A grip ensures that you are in control of your racket and that you can maneuver optimally. Grips can absorb moisture, wick away sweat, slightly stick or prevent blisters.

There are two types of grips: basic grips and overgrips. You put the basic grips directly over the handle, so the original grip is no longer there. The overgrip is placed over the basic grip for extra comfort. The basic grips are less subject to wear than overgrips. The advantage of an overgrip is that it is easier to replace. An overgrip is also intended to be replaced more often so that you can experience the feeling of a new grip every match.

Your Padel Racket

You want a new grip because your padel racket is ideal for you. You are best buddies and fully attuned to each other. This is why it is important, in addition to the grip, to maintain your racket well by protecting the top with tape and storing it in a suitable bag.

In addition, it may also be that you are still attached to your racket but want to take it a small step further, for this we have weights that can be attached to the racket. This allows you to give more power in your stroke, so that you give more speed to the ball. These weights and the protective tape can be found under racket accessories.