Braces and Protection


Braces and Protection

One of the most annoying things that can happen to you as a fanatic athlete: an injury. Taking a rest, going to the physiotherapist and rehabilitating are things that can remedy the injury. To prevent the injury from coming back, or to support you during the repair of the injury, we offer a wide range of braces. Wearing a brace puts less stress on the muscle or joint than it would normally be. This often reduces the burden and you can slowly build up to return to your personal top.

Injury Prevention and Recovery

In addition to the braces, we also offer sports tape to provide support to your muscles. You can use this to prevent injuries or when you already have (had) an injury. The tapes we offer come in different colors from various brands such as MC David, KT, Select and Ultimate Performance.

In addition to braces and tape, we also offer foam rollers, creams, sprays and massage guns. All this is aimed at preventing discomfort, pain and injuries.