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  1. Type of bag: Ball bags

Sports bags

To go well prepared to a korfball training or competition, a good functional sports bag is a must. has backpacks, team bags and ball bags in its range. So for every korfball player or team there is a perfect bag, all these bags prevent wear well because they are made of strong material. We therefore only offer sports bags from top brands such as adidas, Erima, Hummel, Molten, Nike and Stanno.

Ball bags

A good ball bag is easy for every team. You can easily keep all the balls together and you can easily take them anywhere. We have different models for each team that can hold various amounts of balls. So there is always a ball bag that meets the wishes and needs of every team!


A strong backpack in which you can put a lot is useful when you go do sports, it is important that it is a bag that fits well with your body so that the weight is spread evenly over your back. offers both small gym bags and strong backpacks so that you can always find what you are looking for.

Team bags

Many teams put their team clothing collectively in a bag, of course very handy to keep everything together and to ensure that every item of clothing is present again every match or training. We offer these strong team bags that last for a long time, in two variants, the trolley and the regular version. With the trolley you can move the bag conveniently with the wheels and you don't have to lift the weight, which offers more comfort than the regular team bag.