ASICS Outdoor korfball shoes


Large assortment of outdoor korfball shoes

For outdoor korfball shoes, it's important that the quality is high. The field shoes get to endure a lot, in different circumstances. The studs of the korfball shoe especially get a lot to endure during the game, the hard surface causes a quicker wear on the korfball shoe. Therefore, recommends that you only use the outdoor shoes on the field instead of artificial grass.

Artificial grass korfball shoes

When you play on artificial grass, it's important to have a shoe with lots of grip. You want to play the game with control and comfort, so good artificial grass shoes are important. Our artificial grass shoes are all reinforced, and thus can handle the wear that comes with artificial grass.

Outdoor korfball shoes men/women

For both men and women there's an extensive assortment of field shoes selected by All shoes are made of flexible material, which feels free when playing. Especially for women, there are shoes with lovely colors which leads to nice designs. With top brands like adidas, Asics, Dita, Mizuno, Nike, there's a korfball shoe that fits to the needs of every korfball player.

Outdoor korfball shoes Asics

Asics korfball shoes are one of the more popular shoes amongst korfball players. This is because this brand has been offering top quality shoes for tears now, with models like the Asics Gel-Blackheath and the Asics Gel-Crossover. These are toppers within the floorball sgoes, both are light weight shoes with strong studs. By using the outdoor material in the shoe, your feet will stay cool and dry during your match.

Korfball shoes by Mizuno

Another popular brand in the korfball world are the shoes by Mizuno. Mizuno can be proud at their korfball shoes collection, with nice color combinations and high-quality shoes they keep on surprising their customers. The shoes by Mizuno shape to your feet and enable an optimal performance at the field.

Korfball shoes kids

Even for the kids, has an extensive assortment of field korfball shoes. Available in many nice colors for both boys and girlds. The field shoes are all high-quality, which is necessry because there's a lot of wear during the matches of kids.