Hiking Socks


Hiking socks

Besides good hiking shoes, good hiking socks are very important as well. A good hiking sock offers more comfort to the foot during hiking and ensures that blisters will stay away longer. Above all, the socks feel very nicely in a firm hiking shoe. Because every foot has a different fit, Sportshop.com has a large collection of hiking socks. We offer different brands like Falke, Compressport and Herzog.

What´s a good hiking sock?

A good hiking sock is seamless and doesn’t contain cotton. The better socks have a footbed processed in the sock so you’ll walk more comfortably. There are socks with wool processed in them. Wool absorbs moisture very well and keeps the socks dry longer. If you don’t like this, choose a sock without wool in it.

Hiking socks Men/Women

There’s a difference between a men and women’s fit hiking sock. Men’s socks are often wider than women’s hiking socks.

Hiking shoes

A good hiking sock from for instance Falke, Herzog or Compressport is a must. So if you’re choosing a good hiking shoe from brands like Meindl, Hanwag or Lowa at Sportshop.com, then choose a good hiking sock with it for sure.