Meindl Hiking Shoes



The German brand Meindl has been making hiking and mountain shoes for over 300 years. And you might not believe it, but all shoes are still handmade. The most important points for this well-known German hiking brand are quality and durability. Without these two important points, not a single pair of Meindl hiking or mountain shoes will leave the factory. For the production of Meindl shoes, only the best materials and most innovative techniques are used.

Meindl Hiking shoes

With the hiking shoes by Meindl, you’ll always be active and sporty on the road. One of Meindl’s features is the wide last of the shoe. A wide last will offer a lot more comfort compared to smaller ones. It happens a lot that people with a wider foot buy a bigger size shoe, but this is a big mistake! The shoe has to fit like a glove and you should be able to walk away effortlessly. The Meindl shoes feature an anatomic footbed which gives your feet extra comfort but let them breath on their own as well.

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