Hanwag Hiking Shoes



Hanwag is producing hiking shoes suited for all terrains for over 100 years now. Every step in the product development is supported by the involvement of coworkers and the wish the create the perfect shoe. Of course, the service around the Hanwag hiking shoes is very important. The shoes by Hanwag are the result of 100 years of renewal and innovation.

Hanwag hiking shoes women

Looking for women Hanwag hiking shoes? Make the first step to our Hanwag hiking shoes collection as soon as possible. We offer hiking shoes in different sizes, colors and models. Can’t find your favorite hiking shoe? No problem! Contact our customer service and we might be able to help you.

Hanwag hiking shoes men

For the really tough hiking men, we of course have Hanwag hiking shoes as well. These hiking shoes are not only available in the “normal” edition, but in a Gore-Tex edition as well. The material provides durable, water resistant protection and of course the necessary comfort.

Hanwag mountain shoes

Not only hiking shoes, but also Hanwag mountain shoes can be found in our online store. With the Hanwag mountain shoes you’ll simply have more grip and stability while climbing whichever mountain. Are you looking for an other brand of hiking or mountain shoes? Have a look at out assortment, you’ll definitely find something.