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Hiking shoes

Only with the right hiking shoes you’ll go confident on the road. Do not just choose a pair of hiking shoes but delve into which shoes suit you best. This doesn’t only provide extra comfort but will also benefit your health. An important part of buying hiking shoes is the terrain you’ll use them on. Are you going for a hike in the mountains, on flat terrain or maybe in the snow. Take all these points into consideration while buying hiking shoes. Do you have any more questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.

Hiking shoes women

As a woman, you like to hike comfortably. The old stuffy image of hiking has been long gone and even for this sport there are various modern and fashionable shoes available. At, we have hiking shoes from brands like Meindl, New Balance, Brooks, Lowa, Teva and Columbia. For mountain shoes, you’re at the right place as well.

Low or high hiking shoes

It’s of course well known that high hiking shoes offer just a bit more comfort compared to low hiking shoes. Low hiking shoes are mainly used for the shorter routes or mainly flat terrain. High hiking shoes are very well suited for longer hikes on the other hand. With these shoes, you’ll simply have more grip and you’ll be less bothered by height differences.